follow me back?

please don’t ask us to follow you, however you can ask us to check out your blog which we will happily do. if we like it, we’ll follow :)

check out my blog?


promo for promo/please promote me/help me get followers?

no sorry, it’s just annoying and tumblr’s not about how many followers you have

can you post the source for post dsjfnjdfnjdfn?

if we don’t post the source, then we got the quote from tumblr or it was submitted so we don’t have the source. if we have it, we’ll post it

where do you get your quotes from?

interviews, videos, twitter, submissions, tumblr

Can you tell your followers I’ll follow them back/promo for promo/doing ships etc

No. Tell your own followers

Can you post the picture you used for quote sdhfsdbfd?

Message us off anon and if we still have the photo we’ll send you it

How old are you?

17 & 18