Anonymous whispered:
This is the best tumblr ever omg THANKYOU! I love you.

Thanks! x

Posted 2 years ago

did someone tell one direction their hair looks sexy pushed back

lindsay lohan im looking at u

Anonymous whispered:
ho old ate you BTW i am in love with your blog :)

17 and 18 y’alllll. oh hey thanks

Posted 2 years ago

Anonymous whispered:
What school do you go to ?

I don’t lol

Posted 2 years ago

Anonymous whispered:
I live in Cherrybrook its near Hornsby. sydney NSW where about do you live ?

Like North West Sydney/Lower North Shore :)

Posted 2 years ago

breestanfield whispered:
AUSTRALIA!!!!! What state do you live in??

nswwwww :)

Posted 2 years ago

Anonymous whispered:
OMG do you live in Australia!!!! I live in Australia! You are the first blog I have found that does, you are awesome <3

Yess but just for this year :) Whaaat really? Ive seen so many!

Posted 2 years ago

Anonymous whispered:
love australia! haha nah but seriously, this weather is great! cant wait for summer :) x

Meeeee too :) ugh its going to be so hot though, I cant believe its this hot already! x

do you know what is great its 7 30pm and its 24 degrees and did i mention it was winter 5 days ago

remember that time justin bieber got more votes than one direction?



latersbabyyy-xx whispered:
If you were stranded in an island, who do you wish to be with? :) x

Four best friends, parents and siblings :)

dreammetowonderland-deactivated whispered:
Where would you go if you only had 24 hours to live? :)

Back home, Christchurch :)

Posted 2 years ago

seducedbystyless whispered:
where are you from? i live in canada and its 9:30 am right now im hoping you dont have to babysit that early! (well its not that early but i havent started school yet so i usually sleep til noon aha)

New Zealand, but living in Sydney atm sooo it’s 1 am :) 

No no 9:30 is definitely too early to be babysitting, I usually don’t surface on weekends til 2-3 pm haha x